Arctic Chill Water-Cooler

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The HTP America® Arctic Chill 5460 Water-Cooler for TIG Welding features a flat folding handle for easy portability—we've seen many coolers without handles, and it's a struggle to get the cooler out from underneath your welder or in and out of your cart. The convenience, screw cap fill and bottom drain make filling and changing coolant quick and easy. Standard 5/8"-18, left-hand male water fittings make your Arctic Chill cooler compatible with all major brands of water-cooled torches. Clearly marked water-in and water-out lines makes it harder to reverse the coolant flow, which guards against boiling the coolant in the torch head.

What's important about a water-cooler is what's on the inside. The Arctic Chill 5460 features an Italian made, 1/2 HP sealed motor. A sealed motor lasts longer in a harsh environment since dust, dirt, and metal filings won't get into the winding of the motor. A stainless steel pump, with a bronze impeller, moves plenty of coolant to keep your TIG torch cool, and a 5-blade fan moves plenty of air across the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger in the Arctic Chill 5460 measures 7-1/2" W by 11" H, giving you a surface area of over 80 square inches to dissipate the heat generated by your welding process. Our heat exchanger also features two row of copper tubes, not one like some of our competitors.

The Arctic Chill 5460 water-cooler, unlike any other, now features a flow alarm! If the water flow becomes restricted, the alarm will sound and a light will turn on to alert you that there is a flow issue. This will prevent damage to your torch. There is also a disarm button to disable the flow alarm should you not need it activated.

The Arctic Chill 5460 does not come with coolant; the coolant reservoir holds 2-gallons of coolant. You can also use distilled water, though we recommend the use of coolant with an added lubricating agent. Automotive coolant is not suitable for use in your Arctic Chill 5460 and will void your warranty.

We offer the Arctic Chill 5460 in five models:

1. 110 volt designed for all welders; for use with the HTP America® Pro Pulse 300.
2. 220 volt designed for the HTP America® Invertig 221 AC/DC 220 Volt TIG Welder (includes an installed direct connect plug)
3. 220 volt for all other TIG welders (does not include a plug)
4. Dual voltage designed for the HTP America® Invertig 221 AC/DC Dual Voltage TIG Welder (includes an installed direct connect plug)
5. Dual voltage for all other TIG welders (does not include a plug)

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