Optrel® e3000 PAPR Systems

Harsh working conditions caused by smoke, dust, and vapors require a high performing air purifying respirator system. The Optrel e3000 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), paired with one of Optrel's welding helmets, offers the max in comfort and safety.

The Optrel e3000 PAPR System provides increased safety by continuously monitoring air flow by means of an integrated sensor, which activates the system when welding, and provides better comfort with adjustable three-level air flow of 150 to 250 l/min, along with a cooling effect—even at the most extreme ambient conditions. Provides constant air flow, thanks to smart sensor-controlled electronics, and a variable adjustment of air flow between the forehead and respiratory area.

A special inner mask, that regulates the flow of air, permanently protects you from harmful substances. You also benefit from a pleasant cooling effect. The Optrel PAPR system provides maximum protection and comfort guaranteed.

Technical Data for e3000 PAPR System

Protection Level TH3 (EN 12941); HE (USA)
Flow Rates Level 1: min 150 l/min
Level 2: min 200 l/min
Level 3: min 250 l/min
Fuse Electronic
Noise Max 70 dbA
Dimensions 222 x 213 x 92.6 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 1560 g (including filter, belt, & battery)
Color Green or Blue
Hose Length 0.7 m (elastic up to 1.3 m)
Standards NIOS H 42 CFR Part 84 EN 12941:1998/A2:2008
AS/NZS 1716:2012
EAC: TP TC 019/2011
Notified Body/Lic No CE 1024, SAI Global, EAC, NIOS H
Scope of Delivery Blower unit with hose, filter, battery, fabric belt, charger, and user instructions
Warranty 2-years from the date of sale for manufacturing and material defects; 6-month warranty for battery