MIG Welding Class Info

MIG Welding Class Info

Throughout the year, we host MIG welding classes at our Elk Grove Village facility. Each class in our Introduction to MIG Welding series focuses on a specific topic, from standard steel MIG welding to pulsed MIG aluminum welding. Whether you are a hobbyist welder looking to learn new skills, or a professional welder looking to refine your skills, our classes are for you!

In the past, the classes in our series focused on the following:

Class 1: Introduction to MIG Welding (ER70S6)

♦ Choosing the appropriate shielding gas
♦ Discussion of different welding processes (short circuit, globular transfer, and spray arc)
♦ Drive rolls, contact tips, liners, wire feeder tension
♦ Weld think, weld thick, and weld thin to thick
♦ From sheet metal (auto body) to about 1/4" material

Class 2: Introduction to Structural Steel

♦ Choosing the correct cored wire: Self-shielded wire (gasless), Dual-shield wire (flux-cored with gas)
♦ Drive roll tension, gasses
♦ Joint configuration and weld size
♦ Multi-pass welds on thick material (1/4" and thicker)
♦ Push vs. pull techniques

Class 3: Introduction to Aluminum and Pulse Welding

♦ What is pulse MIG?
♦ Benefits of pulse MIG and when to use it
♦ Proper use of shielding gasses and techniques
♦ Steel and Stainless Steel
♦ Pulse MIG Aluminum
♦ Why you should weld with pulse MIG and not with a spool gun
♦ How to weld thin material and weld thick material
♦ Explaining heat input and thermal conductivity of aluminum
♦ Remote control functions

ZILA Class:

♦ Double pulse MIG aluminum
♦ Manual double pulse MIG aluminum
♦ Gasses, MIG gun, spool gun, push/pull gun
♦ Out of position welding
♦ Remote control
♦ Thermal conductivity of aluminum (in depth)
♦ Welding with less than perfect fit up
♦ Different alloys, marine industry, automotive industry
♦ Welding aluminum castings
♦ Advantages of pulse MIG welding aluminum vs. TIG welding aluminum

Classes are held at:

HTP America, Inc. 
180 Joey Drive
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 357-0700

Please email Nicole at nicolen@htpweld.com if you have any questions.

Keep checking back for updated class schedules!